Reviews of Mr Yang Fight Aliens. Part 1

MR YANG COLOUR COVEROver the last couple of months, I have sent out my recent self-published comic book to various blogs for review. Overall, I have received some very good feedback. Here is a quick synopsis for my comic book: By day, Mr Yang is one of those deadpan, dry but hilariously blunt, strict teachers we all had when we were young. At night, whilst trying to balance marking with his social life and sleep he is rudely awakened by aliens kidnapping a homeless person in his local Peckham neighbourhood. After bothering to get out of bed and have a look through the window to investigate, what he discovers threatens the survival of the human species and nature itself. Some reviewers enjoyed it very much whilst others found it limited. I was also privileged for some reviewers to give an interview. Here is a round-up of the numerous reviews: Broken Frontier Comic Bastards Destroy the Cyborg Fanboy Comics Geek Syndicate Podcast 213 Graphic Policy Nerd Span Off-Panel Podcast 94 The Killray – More of an interview than review. Overall, the positive points between the reviews were that the majority of the art was good for an indie book and that there were several entertaining moments. Areas which could be improved included a clearer narrative, with less choppy scenes and more subplots with character development. I totally agree. With only 25 pages, there is not enough length to develop deep character, but lay a good foundation. However, now that part 1 is done, I can delve deeper into the world of Yang… Wanna make your own mind up or support an indie creator? Here is my etsy shop, where you can purchase a digital (£1) or print (£4) copy. I hope to take on board all the constructive criticism whilst drawing part 2.


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