Tower Bridge Trilogy

I was recently commissioned to draw Tower Bridge in 3 parts by someone for his girlfriend (you can guess what WYMM means on the pics below)

blog pic TB Heyburn

He chose me to do the commission after he saw one panel from a comic book I’m working on called, ‘MR YANG FIGHTS ALIENS’, where I drew Tower Bridge to set the scene.

The black and white picture is available as an A4 print for £25 (p+p £3) if you email me at illustratorlam[at]

TB small lr blog copy

When he asked me to do it, I asked the client what part of the bridge I should draw, he wanted something specific and different to a usual portrait of the bridge, choosing to focus on specific details that he liked.

He was immensely happy, which makes me satisfied.

One day, I’d like to do the same for interesting architecture across the world, especially cities. I love the New York skyline.

The original picture was pencilled and then inked using a Stabilo bionic worker pen. I then coloured it using Photoshop.

Now that I’ve got a few commissions out of the way, I will be returning to work on my own graphic novel. I really wanna finish it…

Happy holidays!


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