Red-Dragon Slayer piece

It’s been over 2 months since my last blog entry, thanks to those who have been checking it out. Anyway, I unveil my new piece commissioned by someone over in New York.

It’s definitely getting used on the inside and possibly on the cover. More details to come later.

The piece will accompany a poem called ‘The red dragon slayer’, which is about a young man who decides to quit the Chinese Communist Party, and in so doing, wounds the CCP represented by a deadly red dragon.

There have been some 80 odd million withdrawals/resignations from the CCP, since the publishing of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” by the Chinese language edition of The Epoch Times newspaper back in 2004. It makes a very detailed and interesting read. Link below:

The piece took a few days to do. The scanning of the original, which is a little over A2, was frustrating with my little A4 scanner and the production of it was a bit of a challenge, piecing together all the parts of the image and getting it to line up. Anyway, it’s done and I am proud of it.

The dragon was the hardest to draw as there are no real dragons to reference from. I had to look at snakes and crocodiles and combine it with some paintings of Chinese dragons that I researched.

It was watercoloured with Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolours using a ProArte size 0 pure sable brush, the inking was by Faber & Castell artist pen manga set (don’t use them for manga at all, but brilliant pens for inking) and good old reliable Pilot drawing pens.

Here is the Outline version, so you can see the detail without the colours to distract.


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