Life drawing session at Candid Arts, Angel, London

I miss life drawing. It’s absolutely essential for artists who want to draw/are drawing comic books. I haven’t done any since I started my PGCE, but last week, I made time for it. It was a nice reassurance that I can still draw as well as I used to. It was a really serene atmosphere where I could get down to business.

The session started off with quick 3-5 minute poses, then 10 minutes and finally a 40-minute pose. Scroll down to the best drawing I did of the 40 minute pose. For 7 quid, it was worth it and I love the fact that it’s drop-in, cos my life is unpredictably busy at times.

For more information on Candid Art’s drop-in life drawing classes:

Equipment used:

Pentel Smash Mechanical Pencil for Drafting – 0.5 mm – one of the smoothest pencils out there, lightweight and has an excellent grip.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Fine – For fine-tuning extra fine details , this is the best eraser I’ve used. Very clean with little smudging. I hate it when rubbing out and the graphite leaves a permanent mark. This doesn’t.

Final 40-minute pose


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