Epoch Times New York edition – Green house illo

I was asked to draw an accompanying image for an article on green houses – the type that saves on electricity/heating/hot water bills etc – which are being pushed forward in contemporary architecture.

Full colour version

The brief was to exaggerate the idea of a green house, so in the image there’s a house in a tree with excess wind turbines and solar panels, the kids can pluck apples from the ‘wall’ of the house etc.

I never imagined any of my illo’s to appear in the Real Estate section of any newspaper, but that’s life! A smaller colour version appeared on the front page of the 30th June 2010’s New York edition. WOO HOO!

Front page:


Illustration as printed in paper

Full article:


Online article:

Took me 2hours 30mins from start to finish including scanning and photoshopping.

Equipment used: Pentel brush pen, Pilot DR pens, Faber–Castell artist pens (Manga set), Windsor & Newton watercolours, ProArte Sable rounds


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