Year of the Tiger 2010! Better late than never…

Yes, Chinese New Year was over a month ago, but tigers are timeless.

Haven’t posted anything for a while, (which will change), but I have been drawing all sorts lately.

Equipment used: I made a departure from using my usual Pilot 0.1mm Drawing Pen and instead used a Stabilo Bionic Rollerball Medium 0.5mm and Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Fine.

Using a pen with a bigger nib allows more expression in the lines and also reduces drawing time as the 0.1mm lines are so thin in comparison.

I will be searching for more interesting animals to illustrate and hopefully in summer I will try printing some t-shirts as part of a mini collection…

These are available as A4 prints for £15 (p+p £3) if you email me at illustratorlam[at]

I’ve always wanted to nail the fierce expression that tigers have when they’re about to attack or feel threatened. This tiger has been in many fights, which is why he has a missing canine!

5 thoughts on “Year of the Tiger 2010! Better late than never…

    • Hi Shawn, sorry for late reply!
      Sorry it’s not for sale at the moment. I will sell some prints of it in the future. I’m also planning to use the images in my comic books in the future.

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